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Gerard Pique targets LaLiga stadium to play Kings League's final stage

Gerard Pique's newest project is very ambititous. Now, the former FC Barcelona defender has shared a massive hint on where will the final stage of the Kings League be played and it includes a stadium of LaLiga.

Gerard Pique - FC Barcelona - LaLiga 2022

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The Kings League is Gerard Pique's newest project after he retired from soccer. The former FC Barcelona defenderis very ambitious, so now he has revealed there's a big chance of playing the final stage of this competition in a LaLiga stadium.

A few months after Gerard Pique announced his retirement, the former center back revealed his next step: the Kings League. This competion has a 7 vs. 7 format and has caught everyone's attention since its beginning.

The tournament is played every Sunday at the Cupra Arena in Barcelona, but Pique has a very ambitious plan for the final stage. The league's president has announced he's talking with a LaLiga club to play the last games in their stadium.


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Gerard Pique targets LaLiga stadium to play Kings League's final stage

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Gerard Pique wants the final stage of the Kings League to be played in a LaLiga stadium.

The Kings League is a new soccer tournament in Spain that is different from any other. It has a 7 vs. 7 format and the team's owners are streamers, former players, and even a TikToker and a journalist.

Gerard Pique wanted something different for soccer and he has done it with the Kings League with rules never seen before in this sport. It is played in the Cupra Arena, which doesn't allow fans, but the final stage could be different.

In Tuesday's program, in which team's owners and the president talk, Gerard Pique revealed his plans for the last games of this season. he wants tha fans to live the Kings League in a LaLiga stadium.

Pique didn't mention any club, but he gave massive hints during this talk. "It is a club you know very well," the president said to Sergio Aguero, who used to play for FC Barcelona.

Gerard Pique is a huge legend for Barcelona and he ended his career in good terms with Joan Laporta, the team's president. It makes sense that Camp Nou could be the venue he mentions, but it seems like there are some details to solve to make it official.

Sergio Busquets trolls Gerard Piqué with Shakira song

The midfielder took to Instagram to “jab” at his former teammate at Barcelona over the Kings League.

Sergio Busquets and Gerard Piqué

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In an unexpected troll on Instagram, former Barcelona players Sergio Busquets and Gerard Piqué were trending when Sergio Busquets got one over on Gerard Piqué. The reason? After Barcelona took care of Atlético de Madrid 1-0 in La Liga, Busquets remembered his friend Piqué and the Kings League.

Busquets posted on Instagram a story where he wrote, “When Gerard Piqué sells you on Enigma 69” with a Shakira song in the background. The story became a trending topic quickly with fellow Kings League starter Ibai tweeting, “What exactly did Busquets upload on Instagram?”.

So, who or what is Enigma 69? Enigma 69 is a player from LaLiga that played a game in the Kings League completely covered to avoid revealing his identity. It was for the best because Enigma 69 was terrible in his game for XBuyer against Sergio Agüero’s Kunisports, many observers stated that Enigma 69 played so poorly because of the difficulty to play using a mask that covered his face.

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